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Snazzy Site Updates

Snazzy Site Updates

I’m doing a little happy dance today over the brand spankin’ new features that have just been added to this site! First, you may have noticed the Homepage TV screen has a spiffy spruced up layout, but can you find the hidden high jinks? (Hint: Try to change the channel with one of the nifty new knobs… It’s a sneaky static surprise!)

The Products page has also gotten a complete makeover. Now with loads more pictures, it’s easier to navigate all the different product categories and take a look-see at more photos of groovy goodies! Plus, there’s gobs more info and links now on where to find all the delightful doodads you’re looking for.

So feel free to take these new knacks for a test drive and then swing by Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest and lemme know what ya think!


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