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Construction Zone Gifts & Giveaway

Construction Zone Gifts & Giveaway

Can you dig it? For all those little builders out there with big plans, Frecklebox just cut the ribbon on my brand spankin’ new Construction Zone collection full of bustling bulldozers, dump trucks, cement mixers, and more!

This busy little group includes Frecklebox’s classic metal lunch box with a chalkboard on the inside lid, an interactive 20 piece puzzle, an easy to clean placemat, and an assortment of snazzy stickers. Plus, Frecklebox makes it a cinch to personalize the whole collection with a customized name giving each item a one-of-a-kind design.

To celebrate the unveiling, the Mommyhood Chronicles blog is hosting a giveaway for one lucky winner to choose FOUR different personalized items from any one of my Frecklebox collections. Just make sure to buzz by and enter by September 1.

So here’s wishing you tons of luck and truckloads of fun!


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